The Proceedings marked with # are available in CD-format, those with * as hard copies. In cases where hard copies are out of print, individual papers will be available.

To view the program click on the relevant conference below.




74 Explosives Into The Future

73 Product Stewardship

72 Behaviour Based Safety in Hazardous Work Environments

71 Contract Management and Process Safety

70 Waste Disposal and burning ground accidents - Cancelled
69 Good Practices for Explosives

68 Emergency Responce
67 Environment and Waste

66 Risk Assesment Course
65 Analitical and testing methods

64 Case Studies of Incidents and Accidents

63 Techniques for Incident and Fire Investigations

62 Research and Develpoment

61 Quality Management

60 Risk Assessment Course

59 Insensitive Munitions & Explosives

58 Safety

57 Waste Handling

56 Skills Development & Guidelines

55 Environmental Issues

54 The Legal Responsibilities through the Supplier Chain

53 Good Explosives Practice

52 Explosives Testing, Availability of Ranges and Range Safety

51 Incident & Accident Invesitigation #
50 Health in the Explosives Industry #
49 Training on Legislation #
48 SAFEX & Safety #
47 Quality Management #
46 Waste management#
45 Training for Explosives Managers & Supervisors#
44 Security Measures# #
43 Procesing of Energetic Materials#
42 Risk Assesment Training Course
41 Users of Explosives #
40 Emergency Response Related to the Explosives Industry #
00 Hazard & Operability Training Course #
39 Legislation & Standards Related to the Explosives Industry #
38 Research & Development #
37 Packaging, Transport & Storage of Energetic Materials #
36 Intergrated Risk Management #
35 The Destruction of Energetic Materials #
34 Good Explosives Practice II #
33 A Holistic Approach to the South African Explosives Industry - Its Feats and Features #

32 R&D and Associated Technologies in the Explosives Industry #
31 The Shelf Life of Explosives #
30 Good Explosives Practices #
29 Safety and Health Management in the Explosives Industry #
28 Progress and Benchmarking in Environmental Management #
27 Management of Activities Relevant to Explosives Production #
26 Legislation
25 Testing of Explosives #
24 Handling of Incidents #
23 Electrostatics in Industry #
22 Environmental Management in the Explosives Industry #
21 The Packaging, Storage and Transport of Dangerous Materials #
20 Second Conference on Risks Associated with the Explosives Industry *
19 New Developments, the Management of Technology and Entrepreneurs, Patenting and Tendencies in the Explosives Industry *
18 Risks Associated with the Explosives Industry *
17 Sensitivity of Explosives *
16 Training for Industry *
15 Second Conference on Explosives Waste Management (Disposal Decontamination and Remediation) *
14 Safety at Customers Sites
13 Regulations Regarding Ammonium Nitrate
12 Vehicle Tracking
11 Masterpieces of Explosives Engineering *
10 Legal Aspects for Surface Blasters
09 Research and Development in the Explosives Industry *
08 Demilitarization, Disposal of Energetic Materials, Decontaminationtot
07 Environmental Issues
06 Quality Management *

The programs and speakers for the following symposia are not listed.

05 International Symposium on Explosives Technology: NIXT 1994
04 International Symposium on Explosives Technology: NIXT 1992 *
03 International Symposium on Explosives Technology: NIXT 1991
02 International Symposium on Explosives Technology and Ballistics: NIXT 1990
01 National Symposium on Explosives Technology (1989).

The Proceedings marked with # are available in CD-format, those with * as hard copies. In cases where hard copies are out of print, individual papers will be available










72. Behaviour Based Safety in Hazardous Work Environments

11th April at UNISA Sciencce Campus, Florida


71. Contract Management and Process Safety

18th October at Stellenrust Estate, Stellenbosch

Effective Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Neil Franklin AECI

Significance of Change Management and Responsible Introduction of Changes Kaylee Baker AECI

Process Safety Starts with Senior Management - What does this entail? Rod Prior SHExcellence

Tight Rope Walking - Exploring Product Stability Frans Labuscagne Sasol

Automated Machines, Process Safety by Design Menzi Mahlaba & Jaco de Wet BME

Plan for the Unseen - Booster Plant Neels Allers Sasol

Case Studies in the Use of Contractors in the Explosive Environment Kobus Britz SAPS (Potch)

Process Safety in Contractor Management  Myra Coetzer BME

The Results of Safety Systems being Poorly Followed Mervyn Traut MD Consulting


70. Waste Disposal and burning ground accidents - CANCELLED


69. Good Practices for Explosives

19th April 2018 at Unisa Science Campus Florida 


Principles of Safety in an Explosives Environment Berta Fourie  PMP

Management and Safe Guarding of Explosives and Ammonium Nitrate Solution Pumps against Hazardous Conditions   Derik Strydom   Sasol

Best Practice Guide on Emulsion Raw Materials, Manufacturing and Pumping   Kaylee Baker  AELMS

Waterjet Cutting as a Potential Tool to Remove Explosives Contaminated Structures Frans Labuschagne  Sasol

A Process Safety Approach to Maintenance in the Explosives Industry     Dewald Thuynsma  BME

Use of Bow Tie Methodology to Identify and Manage Explosives Process Risks  Neels Allers  Sasol

The Tools of the Trade for Safe Explosives Process Management  Mervyn Traut  MD Consulting

Safety in  the Application of Electronic Delay Detonators  Tony Rorke  BME

Stories of Good Explosive Practices from a Lifetime of Manufacturing and Remediation.  Dave Griffiths  Consultant


68. Emergency Responce

19th October 2017 at Stellenrust Estate, Stellenbosch


Explosives Emergency Legal Requirements Jurie van Staden SAPS

MHI Emegency Response Standard SANS 1514 Debbie Mitchell Ishecon

Emergency Response at National/Major Hazard Installations Marie Gravett AELMS

Road Transport Municipal Responses Conrad Klaasen Unitrans

Disasters + Hospitals = ? Amanda Klette Netcare

The Relevance of a Non-Profit Rescue Orgaisation in a Changing SA Cleeve Robertson NSRI

Cape Town's Approach to Managing Water Demand and Supply Collin Mubadiro CT Water Demand

Namola Peter Mattaei Namola

Sasol Emergency Response Johan van Wyk Sasol

Using the Incident Command System to Effectively Deal with Fires and Other Emergencies Reinhard Geldenhuys Overberg District Municipality


67. Environment and Waste

20th July 2017 at UNISA Science Campus Florida


Environmental and Waste Legislation Charlaine Baartjies Eco Partners

Air Emission Licence Application Myra Coetzer BME and Nomsa Moila Maxam

Waste Licensing Piet Aucamp PTRSA

Moving from Minimum Requirements to the Waste Regulations Johan Schoonraad Enviroserve

Some Pitfalls in Toxcology and Health Risk Assessment Willie van Niekerk Infotox

SAFEX Helsinki Congress and Links to Waste Management Mervyn Traut MD Consulting

Waste Management and Containment Irene Inan GSE Environment Africa

Demilitarisation of Ammunition - Valuable Waste Willie Verster RDM

Noise Legislation Milly Ruiters DoL

Lead Styphnate Remediation Dave Griffiths Consultant

Explosives and the Environment Melissa Naidoo AELMS

66. Risk Assesment Course

Ishecon Course


65. Analytical and testing methods

20 October 2016 at Stellenrust Estate, Stellenbosch


Proposed Changes to the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria for the Classification of ANE's Kaylee Baker AELMS

Understanding Variances and Inconsistencies in the Series 8 Koenen Test Cyril Young Sasol

The UN Concept on the Classification and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Specific Class 1 Explosives Alwyn Kruger Ten-E

Determining the Behavioural Characteristics of HMX/AL Under Different Conditions Francois Bruyn AELMS

EMC Tests in Explosives Facilities Callie Fouche IMT Services

Lightning Tony Rorke BME

Range Safety Calculations Hijn Tromp OTR

The Challenge of Measuring Equation of State Parameters for Explosives Frikkie Mostert CSIR

Thermodynamic Simulation as a Screening Tool for Pyrotechnic Compositions Andrew Cowgill University of Pretoria

Testing and Analytical Methods Used in Pyrotechnic Time Delay Composition Development Shepherd Tichapondwa University of Pretoria

76mm Proximity Fuze Testing in Simon's Town Christiaan Wilbers SAN Ord

OTR International Defense Day Gerrie Ferreira OTR


64.Incidents and Accidents Case Studies

21 April 2016 at UNISA, Florida Campus


SAFEX Incident Statistics Petrus Cloete RDM

West Texas Explosion Piet Halliday SAFEX

The Villieria Explosion Jurie van Staden SAPS

Explosion in a Destruction Tank Berta Fourie PMP

Booster Plant Fire - Ekandustria Frans Labuschagne Sasol

Transporters - Our Current Risk Henry Merrick Orica

Road Spillage Marnus Kotze BME

The Unwanted Beast Koos Lundie Sasol

When Lightening Strikes - The Mogalakwena Learnings Corrie Rautenbach AngloPlats & Tony Rorke BME

How Safe are our Emulsion Manufacturing Plants Colin Wilson AEL

Lessons Learnt in 1962 Mervyn Traut MD Consulting

Safety in Preparation for Bulk Demolition Tallies Taljaard Mechem


63.Techniques for Incident and Fire Investigations

21 April 2016 at UNISA, Florida Campus


A Forensic Experts Perspective Lindsay Smith SAPS

Incident Investigative Principles and Methodology Rod Prior SHExellence


62.Research and Development

15 October 2015 at Stellenrust Estate, Stellenbosch


Use of the Ipad Technology in Mining Operations Simon Tose AELMS

Novel non-detonable Pumpable Mechanical Sensitizer and System for Emulsion Explosives (improved security) Ellina Kharatyan AELMS

Research & Development in the Explosives Training Curriculum International and Local Perspectives Heinz Schenk UNISA

Using Light Measurements to Probe Output Parameters Marius Olivier CSIR

Measuring and Modellilng the Burning Rate in Pyrotechnic Time Delay Elements Yolande Montgomery AELMS/Pretoria University

The Use of Narrow Band Light Emission Detectors to Discriminate between Full Detonation and Partial Detonation Marius Olivier Marius Olivier

Extracting Value from PLC Trending Cyril Young Sasol

Insensitive Munition Testing Deon Ellis RDM

Use of 3D Photography Tony Rorke BME


61.Quality Management

23 July 2015 at UNISA, Florida Campus


RDM Strategy on Developing Young Professionals Vanessa Naidoo and Marna van Emmenis RDM

Innovative, Safe Transport in Partnership with our Client Conrad Klaasens & Mervin Nattar Unitrans

Impact of the Latest ISO Standards on Quality Management  Hennie Pieterse Ripple Effect

Collaboratively Solving Quality Problems & Maintaining Good Relationship between Supplier & Customer  George Labuschagne AELMS and Berta Fourie PMP

Product Assurance throughout the Life Cycle of a Specific Product Rakhi Pathak BME

Product Quality Management in the Fuel Industry Gerrie Blignaut Sasol Fuels

Quality Management aspects related to Protected Vehicle Certification Testing Jonathan Stipinovich CSIR

A Quality Mistake Stuart Tough NIXT


60.NIXT/ISHECON Risk Assessment Course

23/24 April 2015 at UNISA,Florida Campus

59. Insensitive Munitions and Explosives.

16 October 2014, RDM, Somerset West


Quantifying the Output of Explosives Charges  Frikkie Mostert CSIR

Computational Modelling of Explosives Charges in a Confined Space Izak Snyman CSIR

Why IM and IM Training in the SANDF Johan Niemand Armscor

UN Test Series 8: Challenges and Triumphs Kaylee Baker AELMS

Implementation of IMDG Procedures at South African Ports Sanjoy Sen Transnet NPA

A Design Formlua for Argon Bombs used as Illuminator during Ultra High-Speed Photography Marius Olivier CSIR

IM Classification of the 30mm x 173 Range Ammunition for Project Hoefyster Timothy Brown PMP

IM Testing of a New 76mm Naval Round Charles Wiehahn RDM

IM Performance of the 81mm IHE Mortar filled with Cast-cured PBX Deon van Zyl RDM


58. Safety

17 July 2014, UNISA, Florida Campus

Automation and Safe Upgrading within Primary Explosive Manufacturing Ms Berta Fourie PMP

 Hot Hole Safety Mr Henco Bezuidenhout AELMS

 Safe Delivery of Explosives Underground Mr Corrie Rautenbach Amplats / Ms Ellina Kharatyan AELMS

 Safe Culture within Explosive Manufacturing Wouter Jacobs Maxam

 Analytical Laboratory Safety Dr Andre Pienaar AELMS

Mini Risk Assessments - Take 5 Mr Henry Merrick AELMS

 PETN Incident Mr Norberto Terclavers AELMS

 Learning from the Losberg Incident Mr Dirk Voogt BME

 N1 Truck Incident Col Jurie van Staden SAPS


57. Waste Handling

17 April 2014, PMP, Pretoria


Waste Legislation Dr Piet Aucamp PETRSA

Environmental Impact Assessment Mr Ryan Nawn Prism Environmental Management Services

Explosives, Accessories, Packaging and Remnants: Destruction and Disposal at Operational Mines Mr Corrie Rautenbach Amplats

EOD/Demining as a means/tool of BAC (Battle Area Clearance) Waste Management Mr Ashley Williams Mechem

The End of the Trenches Ms Ellen van Dongen AEL

Safe Disposal of Detonators Mr Norberto Terclavers AEL

Decontamination of Some Secondary Explosives Compounds Mr Mervyn Traut MD Consulting

Chemical Destruction of Lead Azide Ms Berta Fourie PMP

The Process of Aluminium Recycling and the Benefits Thereof Mr Gary Munn Zimalco


56. Skills Development & Guidelines

17 October 2013, IMT, Simon's Town


Experiential Training - Closing the Competence Gap Captain Klaas Steyn SANOrd

Insensitive Munitions Training in the South African Defence Force Mr Johan Niemand Armscor

Skills Development Related to Safety Mr Vincent Maoeng AELMS

Leadership Requirements to Develop People Mr Petrus Cloete RDM

Practical Application of Technology in Training/Skills Development Prof Heinz Schenk, Messrs Andreas de Beer, Hennie Pieterse & Lt Col Kerneels Smith UNISA

SAFEXplosives Management; Laying the Cornerstone Dr Boet Coetzee SAFEX

How to Specify Requirements for the Building Construction in Explosive Environment - Guidelines for Explosive Managers Mr Stephan Lapage Dippenaar & Lapage

Waste Emulsion Handling and Disposal and Non-Detonability of Base Emulsion Mr Simon Tose AELMS


55. Environmental Issues

19 July 2013, UNISA, Florida Campus

Environmental and Waste Legislation Ms Charlaine Baartjies Ecopartners 

Environmental Control on Test Ranges Mr Siebert Myburgh Alkantpan

Voluntary Association of NIXT for the Category Associate Natural Scientist: Explosive Technology Dr Rolf Becker SACNASP

Challenges in a Changing Legal Environment Ms Ellen van Dongen AELMS

Polluter Pays: Disposal of Explosives Packaging Mr Rudie Johannes Brits Polymark

Decanting of the Mine Void on the Witwatersrand Prof Terence McCarthy University of Witwatersrand

Military Range Clearance - An Environmental Perspective Lt Col Hennie Davel S A Navy

Mine Closures Mr Anthony Coutinho DMR


54. The Legal Responsibilities Through the Supplier Chain

19 April 2013, Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP)


Application of the OHS Act in the Supplier Chain Mr Tibor Szana DoL

Compliance Moment - The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and Manufactures of Explosives Ms Sipiwe Sikwila/Dr William Spiteri Sasol

Explosives Act Requirements in the Supply Chain Management of Explosives Lt Col Jurie van Staden SAPS

Manufacturer's Legal Obligations in Terms of the Mine Health & Safety Act Mr Anthony Coutinho Department of Mineral Resources

Practical Impact of Legislation on Explosives Management in Mining Operations Mr Corrie Rautenbach Anglo Platinum Ltd


53. Good Explosives Practice #

19 October 2012, RDM, Somerset West


Compliance Diary of an Explosives Manager - First Hand Experience in the Business Environment, Mr Dirk Voogt BME

The Challenge of Establishing Electrical Area Classification in Explosive Manufacturing Plants, Mr Cedric Tshavhungwe RDM & Mr Johan van Zyl EMG

The Principles of Good Explosives Practice, Mr Tony Rowe AEL Mining Services

Sasol Nitro's Explosives Pumps Safety Protocol Dr William Spiteri Sasol Nitro

Principles of Good Explosive Practice in Quality Mr Hennie Pieterse Ripple Effect

Operational Discipline Using Lean Principles Mr Norberto Terclavers AEL Mining Services

Good Practices in Transferring Explosives to the Underground Workings Dr Andre Pienaar AEL Mining Services

The Prinicples of Decontamination Mr Mervyn Traut MD Consulting

Dealing with the Challenges of Planning and Relocating Pyrotechnic Plants: Sharing Best Practice on Regulatory Compliance, Operational Needs, Dismantling, Reassembly and Commissioning Messrs Louis Visagie, Dirk Kotze & Alte Jansen van Rensburg RDM


52. Explosives Testing, Availability of Ranges and Range Safety

19 July 2012, UNISA, Florida Campus


CIE Requirements for Testing Facilities, Lt Col Jurie van Staden SAPS

Review of the Tests Required to Comply with Mandatory SANS Standards, Mr Vic Solomon VS Associates

Explosives Characterisation: Exploring Alternative Test Methods, Mr Henco Bezuidenhout AEL Mining Services

The UN Concept on the Classification of Dangerous Goods, Dr Alwyn Kruger Ten E

Product Qualification & Testing Centres in SA, Mr Eugene Davids RDM

The Journey Towards a World Class Analytical and Explosives Test Facility, Mr Gernot Wurm AEL Mining Services

Armament & Explosives Testing at Denel OTR, Mr Ernest Ntanta & Mr Gerrie Ferreira OTR

Range Safety, Col Corrie Ferreira NDF

Detonics, Ballistics & Explosive Testing (DBEL, Mr Tshepo Setlai & Dr Tleyane Sono CSIR


51. Incident & Accident Investigation

19 April 2012, UNISA, Florida Campus

A legal Approach to Accident Investigation, Mr Schorne Darlow Health & Safety Consulting
Recent Developments in Law Related to the Explosives Industry, Mr Warren Beech Webber Wentzel
Modern Trends & Expertise - Fire Investigation, Mr Kim Yates Hexagon
Incident Causation Analysis Methodology (ICAM), Mr Vic Solomon VS Consulting
120mm Mortar Bomb Shortfall Incident, Mr Johan Niemand Armscor
A Prying I, Mr Tony Rowe AEL Mining Services
Shrapnel Incident as a Result of Experimental Research & Associated Incident Investigation, Ms Jo Benjamin CSIR
A Forensic Perspective, Lt Col Gerhard Vermeulen SAPS
Investigation Procedure & Checklist, Mr Henry Merrick AEL Mining Services


50.Health in the Explosives Industry

13 October 2011, RDM South, Somerset West

Asbestos Remediation of Contaminated Soil, Mr Mervyn Traut MD Traut Consulting
Trinitrotoluene and Human Health, Ms Sanet Klingenberg Occupational Health RDM North
Lead, Legislation and the Workplace, Mr Mervyn Traut MD Traut Consulting
Health Effects & Medical Surveillance/Biological Monitoring of Lead & Nitroglycerine/EGDN, Dr Andre Kotze Group Medical Advisor AECI
Why Green Gun Propellants, Mr Charles Wiehahn RDM South
Impact of HIV/Aids in the Industry, Mr Tony Fredericks Global Learning Service
Hearing Conservation, Ms Celia Keet Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Services
Health Surveillance -System Approach, Dr Andre Kotze Group Medicl Advisor AECI
Explosives AIA: Applying SHE Modellling Tools in Risk Assessments, Mr Petrus Cloete RDM North


49. Training on Legislation

20/21 July 2011, UNISA, Florida Campus

Explosive Act Regulations
Col Jurie van Staden, OHS Act Explosives Regs Mr Rudzani Ramabulana
Mine Health & Safety Act - Explosives, Mr Willem Welding


48. SAFEX & Safety

14th April 2011, Sasol Polymers, Bryanston

Behaviour Based Safety, Mr Henry Merrick AELMS
Keeping Focus & Fingers, Mr Henco Bezuidenhout AELMS
Experiences & Learning around the Decontamination & Remediation of Explosive Facilities, Ms Ellen van Dongen AELMS
Safety Moment, Mr Gary Cundill AECI
Human Factors Causing Errors & Leading to Incidents, Ms Louise Lindeque CAIA
Road Transport of Explosives - Where to from Here, Mr Shane Moore Sasol
SAFEX Incidents, Dr Boet Coetee Secretary General SAFEX


47. Quality Management

14 October 2010, IMT, Simon's Town

Explosives Act Requirements for Explosives Product Quality Assurance, Lt Col Jurie van Staden SAPS
Quality Management Systems - the Process Approach, Mr Hennie Pieterse Ripple Effect
AIA Accreditation Process: Emphasis on ISO 17020, Mr Solomon Mahlangu SANAS
Concept to Implementation: Pitfalls to Avoid, Dr Rakhi Pathak BME
Nuclear Quality Assurance & Application, Mr Herbie Hellstrom ESKOM (Koeberg)
Quality within an Automated Environment, Mr Norbert Terclavers AEL
SA National Standards for the Approval of Detonators & Initiators, Mr Vic Solomon VS & Associates
Beer Quality Down to The Last Refreshing Drop, Dr Earl Starr SAB Miller


46. Waste Management

22 July 2010 , UNISA Florida Campus

Environmental Legislation, Dr Peter Aucamp PTERSA
CAIA's Role & Input into Waste Legisalation & Waste Management Strategy. Subsequent Progress,
Ms Louise Lindeque CAIA
Disposal of Hazardous Chemicals, Dr Johan Schoonraad Enviroserve
Incinerators for Explosives Waste, Mr Mervyn Traut MD Consulting
Disposal of Waste Explosives, Mr Niel Malan ECSI
Waste Management & Burning Grounds, Mr Dirk Kotze RDM South
Air Dispersion Modelling, Dr Gerrit Kornelius Airshed
Subsurface Clearance of Unexploded Ordnance, Col Bertie Cronje SANDF


45. Training for Explosives Managers

21/21 April 2010 UNISA, Florida Campus

Legal Responsibilities of Supervisors & Explosive Managers, Mr Petrus Cloete RDM North
Reporting & Investigation of Incidents, Mr Rod Prior SHExellence
Safety Considerations in Explsives Products, Mr Deon Ellis RDM North
Safety Considerations in Explosives Products, Mr Deon Ellis RDM North
Summary Workshop - What have we learned? Mr Gert Barnard NIXT
R&D and Manufacturing Princples, Mr Christo Peltz AEL
Basis of Safety, Mr Henry Merrick AEL
Emergency Preparedness & Response, Mr Henry Merrick AEL
Summary Workshop, Mr Gert Barnard NIXT


44. Security Measures in the Explosives Industry

15 October 2009 RDM South, Somerset West

The Traceability and Detection of Explosives, Supt Gerhard Vermeulen SAPS
Securing Intellectual Property, Ms Madelein Kleyn Sasol
Information Technology Security, Mr Stephen Osler Nclose
Security Requirements of the New National Keypoint Act, Dir Cobus Redlinghuys NKP-SAPS
Cetralised Intelligence & Integrated Security Management, Mr Francois Breedt PBS Technologies
Resistance of Different Locks to Brute Force & Skilled Attack, Mr John Wilkes Locksecure (Pty) Ltd
In Depth Explosives Security - Some SA Perspectives, Supt Jurie van Staden SAPS
Vehicle Fleet Security, Ms Renata Erasmus Unitrans
Mitigate Attacks on ATM's, Mr Francois Roos Standard Bank


43.  Processing of Energetic Materials

23 July 2009 , BME, Johannesburg

Hot Hole Blasting, Dr Andre Pienaar AEL
 Hazards Identified in Pumping Ammonium Nitrate Emulsions, Mr Mark Delagey Sasol Nitro
Document Control of Movement of Explosives in Mines, Mr Henry Payne Anglo Platinum
Spray Drying of Pyrotechnics, Mr Gordon Morgan and Mr Caig Rimmington AEL
Underground Destruction of Waste Explosions, Mr Roger de VIlliers Anglo Platinum
Drilling and Blasting at Grootgeluk Coal Mine, Ms Hanelie van Zyl Exxaro
Proseccing and Special Consideration of Energetic Material in Military Systems, Deon Ellis RDM North
Testing and Qualification of Potentially Hazardous Materials, Mr Mervyn Traut
Properties of PETN used in the Automated Detonator Manufacturing Plant at Modderfontien, Mr Etienne Cloete AEL  


42.  Risk Assesment Training Course

15-16 April 2009, UNISA, Florida Campus


41.  Users of Explosives

16 October 2008, IMT, Simonstown

Underwater Blasting, Mr Charles Mitchell Blasting and Demolition Services
 Demolition of Buidings, Mr Joe Brinkman Jet Demoltions
Gautrain Blasting, Mr Chris Andrew and Mr Harry Lewis Bombela
Safety Considerations at Blasting Sites, Mr Vic Solomon  Vic Solomon Consult
Fireworks Display Mr Bonnie Pon Starburstpyro
Stage Effects-Indoor Firewrks Mr Bonnie Pon Starburstpyro
 Special Efects for the Film Industry, Mr Max Poolman
Training for Explosives Managers, Mr Anreas de Beer UNISA
The Applications of Pyrotechnics, Mr Bob Campbell
The Illegal Use of Expolsives, Supt Jurie van Staden SAPS



17 July 2008, Isidleke, AEL, Modderfontein

Clean up the Environment, Mr Nic du Preez Drizit
 How does the Definitive Care Institution tie in with Disaster Preparedness, Ms Mande Toubkin Netcare
 Explosives Act Requirements, Sup Jurie van Staden SAPS
Summary of SAFEX Workshop on Transport, Mr Henry Merrick AEL
 Emergency Response Plans at AEL, Mr Nico Breytenbach AEL
 Making Life Saving Decisions Quickly, Mr Rod Prior SHExcellence
 Summary of SAFEX Workshop on Emulsions, Mr Dawie Mynhardt BME
 Sasol Safety Roadmap, Mr Coenie Brand Sasol Nitro



18 October 2007, DLS WC, Somerset West

Occupational Health & Safety Act Requirements, Mr Rudzani Ramabulana, DoL
Explosive Act Status, Sup Jurie van Staden SAPS
AIA Requirements Follow-up, Mr Solomon Mahlangu, SANAS
Miliatry Standards, Col Johann de Waal, SANDF
Environmental Legislation: Waste Management and Pollution Prevention, Dr Vic Hamilton-Attwell, Envirocare
EIA Regulations, Mr Louis Visagie, DLS WC
The Essence of Strategy, Risk Management and Compliance, Mr Petrus Cloete Denel Munitions
Remediation Requirements, Mr Mervyn Traut MD Traut Consulting
Risk Assessment and Explosives AIA's, Mr Petrus Kok, DLS WC



19 July 2007, CSIR, Pretoria

Learning by Working, Dr Thomas Groenwewald UNISA
The Role of Qualifications and Standards in Skills Development, Mr Eddie Brown, SAQA
Factors that Affect Lower Limb Injury Levels, Tamlin Whyte, CSIR
Guidance note for Blasting Operations, Willem Welding, DME
Water-mist - Fire fighting agent par excellence, John Godsiff, DLSWC
The Impact of Legislation, Gert Barnard, SANDF
Characteristics of Ammunition Disposal, Johan van Vuuren, SANDF
Depot Proofs, James van Meyeren, SANDF
Defining Concepts for the Shelf Life Managment of Ammunition, Eugene Smit, SANDF
Integration of a Mass Dispensing System, Dawie van Vuuren, Naschem
Insensitive Munitions Testing Techniques, Eugene Davids, Naschem
Project Implementation Checklist, Frikkie Schoeman, SANDF
Upgrade of the 12.5kg Aircraft Bomb, Donald Ruiters, Naschem



19 April 2007, Denel Dynamcis, Centurion

Quality is not Measurement Alone, Tony Simon, Retired Manager, Denel
Accident Reporting, Mr Rudzani Ramabulana, Dept of Labour
The Packaging, Transport and Storage of Explosives inTerms of the Explosives Act, 2003 (Act no 15 of 2003), Sup Jurie van Staden, CIE SPS
1.4 S Classification for Electronic Detonators, Sherlock Holmes, African Explosives Ltd
Transport Contractors: Safety Mechanisms, Practice and Controls, Charl Kuhn, Bulk Mining Explosives
Stock Management Systems, Willie Serfontein, Bulk Mining Explosives
Packaging of Energetic Materials, Theuns Grobler, Ten-E Packaging
The Fleet Management, Tracking and Monitoring of Vehicles - Transporting Explosives, Melanie de Beer, Netstar
The Influence of Packaging on the IM Characteristics.  


36. Strategic Risk Management

19 October 2006 Institute for Maritime Technology, Simonstown

SHE Management Systems - Their Use and Misuse as Part of the Integrated SHE Management Approach, Rod Prior, SHExcellence
The Risk Assessment Role of AIA's in the Application of SABS/ISO/IEC 17020:1998, PJ (Kokkie) Kok, Denel Land Systems, Western Cape
Human Facors in an Explosives Environment, Henry Merrick, African Explosives Ltd
Impact of Legislation on the Risk Management at Demoliton Ranges, SA Ammunition Corps
Explosives Harvesting System (EHS), Roger Hess, Golden West Humanitarian System
Risk Assessment of Explosives Manufacturing Processes, Nigel Coni, Ishecon cc.
Tracking of Sasol Nitro Explosive Vehicles, Etienne Swanepoel, Sasol Nitro
RSA-mil-std- 98: The Clearance of Military Areas from Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Col Gerhard Vosloo SANDF
The Insensitive Munition Policy, Col Charl Naude, SA Ammunition Corps
Workshop: Emergency Response: Case Studies of Two Recent Incidents, Dr Boet Coetzee, SAFEX




20 July 2006, Sasol Polymers, Bryanston (Host: Sasol Nitro)

The Preparatory Work to be Done Prior to the Demolition of an Explosives Facility, Mervyn Traut, MD Traut Consulting
Requirements for the Handling and Disposal of Hazardous Waste, Petrus Cloete, Denel
Loodbesoedeling op Skietbane, Prof Willie van Aardt, Noordwes Universiteit
Application of Demilitarised Gun Propellants in Nonex Rock Breaking Cartridges, Ed Tota and Wynand Grobler, NXCO Mining Technoligies
Waste: A Global and South Africa Problem, Dr Victor Hamilton-Attwell, Consultant
Reclamation of Large Caliber Artillery Ammunition, Harry Crewes, Douw Steyn and Dr Louis van der Walt, PMP
Waste Management: What can be Done? Dr Victor Hamilton-Attwell, Consultant
Remediation of a Previous Mercury Fulminnate Plant, MD Traut Consulting
Workshop An Overview of Recent SAFEX Alert Reports, Stuart Tough, Consultant,




20 April 2006, PMP, Pretoria

Good practice in ammonium nitrate production, storage and transport - learning from major incidents Rod Prior SHExcellence
Good Explosive Practice over 45 years, Stuart Tough, Consultant
Charles Loubser
Senso-do, Tony Rowe, African Explosives Ltd
Sodium Nitrite: Use and Abuse, Dr Piet Halliday, Africa Explosives Ltd
Safety at Sasol Nitro - Taking the Next Step, Willem Jacobs, Sasol
Accreditation and Approval of EIPE AIA, Mpho Phaloane, SANAS
Douw Steyn, PMP
Small Arms Disposal under Operational Peace Support Conditions, Johan van Vuuren, SA Ammunition Corps of the SSO Munition
Van Meyeren
Charles Loubser
Willie Verster, SANDF



20 October 2005, Denel Land Systems, Western Cape

The Positive Outcomes of War Efforts. Fritz van Rooyen, NIXT.

Explosives and the South African Chemical Industry. Stuart Tough,

Successes and Innovation Resulting from Site Demolition and Remediation
at AEL Somerset West
. Mervyn Traut, African Explosives Ltd.

Funny Projects from the Past. Theo van Dyk, CSIR DefenceTek.

Modern Explosives Technologies Associated with Commercial Explosives.
Tony Rorke, Bulk Mining Explosives.

Safety and Security in Electronic Detonators. Riaan van Wyk, DetNet SA
The Challenges of Developing an Artillery Modular Charge System.
Johan Kriel, Denel Land Systems, Western Cape.

Development of Land Mine Protection Technology. Pieter de Koker,
CSIR DefenceTek.
Stability Studies on Combustible Charge Cases. Helga Schimansky,
Denel Land Systems, Western Cape.

Thermobaric Warheads. (Speaker to be announced), Denel Aerospace

Qualification of a Demolition Range. Lt Col Gert Barnard, SSO Munitions.
Innovative Redesign of Weapon Systems. Jaap Lötter, CSIR DefenceTek.
The Protection of Magazines and Production Units Against Lightning.
Hans Nieuwmeyer, H Nieuwmeyer cc.

40mm Ammunition: Past, Present and Future. Neville van der Watt,
 Denel Land Systems, Western Cape.



 21 July 2005, DLS, Lyttelton, Pretoria.

Project Management Principles for Research and Development Projects. Erik Versfeld, Bulk Mining Explosives.

The use of Nano-porous Silicon in Igniters. Corrie Conradie, African Explosives Ltd

Compromises in the Design of IM Explosives Versus Ghost Catalysts. Dr Frans Venter,  Denel Large Calibre Land Systems (Formerly: Naschem).

Demining and the Role of the Explosives Industry. Theo van Dyk. CSIR DefenseTek.

Vehicle Landmine Protection Validation Tests. Pieter de Koker, CSIR DefenseTek.

Exploder Design to Initiate Less Sensitive Main Charge Explosives Formulations. Henco Bezuidenhout, Denel Large Calibre Land Systems (Formerly: Naschem).

A Rapid and Accurate Method for the Determination of the Relative Density of Irregularly Shaped Objects and Molten TNT. Fritz van Rooyen, NIXT.



21 April 2005, African Explosives Ltd, Modderfontein.

Plenary Lecture: Explosives – Why not Recovery and Recycle in Stead of Destruction? Dr Jackie Akhavan, Cranfield University, Shrivenham, UK.

Polymers --- Its Interaction with Explosives. Prof Olof Vorster, Tshwane University of Technology.

Shelf life, Stability and Compatibility Studies at Naschem. Hazel Schalkwyk, Naschem.

Military Explosives --- Is the Shelf Life too Long? Mike Zimmerman, UEE- Dantex.

Shelf Life and Surveillance of Propellants. Helge Schimansky, Somchem.

The Shelf Life of Pyrotechnics. Freddie Greeff, Swartklip Products.

The Shelf Life of Ammunition. Lt Col Gert Barnard, SA Ammunition Corps.

The Shelf Life of PPAN. Dr William Spiteri and Kobus Breedt, Sasol Nitrogel.

Factors Influencing the Shelf Life of Emulsion Explosives. Erik Versveld and Herman de Klerk, Bulk Mining Explosives.

Commercial Explosives - A need to Revisit Expiry Dates. Dr Mike Taylor, African Explosives Ltd.

Comparing the Shelf Live of Suspensions and Emulsion Explosives. Mike Zimmerman, UEE-Dantex.



28 October 2004, Somchem, Somerset West.

Best Practices for Directors --- A Group Discussion. Boet Coetzee, SAFEX.

Good Explosives Practice over 45 years. Stuart Tough, Consultant.

The Preparatory Work to be done Prior to the Demolition of an Explosives Facility.
Mervyn Traut, M D Traut Consulting.

The Role of Accreditation in the Regulatory Domain. Ron Josias, SANAS.

A System for Accrediting South African Test Facilities for approval of Initiating
Dr Stafford Smitthies, Detnet Solutions and Victor Solomon, Victor Solomon & Associates.

Good Pyrotechnics Manufacturing Practices. Charles Loubser, Swartklip Products.

The Hurdles in Applying Good Explosives Practices during Manufacturing. Louis Visagie, Swartklip Products.

Health Impacts of Impulse Noise. Petrus Cloete, LIW.

Learning Points from Explosives Incidents. Hendrik Koornhof, African Explosives Ltd.

Workshop Introduction: Senso-Do --- The Way of the Professional. Tony Rowe, African Explosives Ltd.



10 June 2004, PMP, Pretoria

Top Management Behavior: The Determining Role in Changing Safety Culture.
Rod Prior, SHExcellence cc.

Structuring a SHE Management System. Gerrit Viljoen, Naschem

Responsible Care. Liz van der Merwe, Chemical and Allied Industries Association (CAIA)

The Behavior-based Approach to Safety --- A Process for Continuous Improvement and Employee Involvement, Leo Strydom, Behavior Based Initiatives cc

How to Conform to NOSA. Riaan van der Westhuizen, NOSA

Health Risk Management for some Toxic Substances in the Explosives Industry.
Dr Willie van Niekerk, Infotox

Fire Rescue Services in the South African Defence Force. Col Fred Oberholzer, SANDF

Bekha Ukubona (Look to See). Jürgen Tietz, ANDA

Workshop Session: The Toulouse Ammonium Nitrate Explosion Revisited and Update. Rod Prior, SHExcellence.



3 March 2004 UNISA, Florida

The State of the Environment in South Africa Ten Years Beyond Rio.
Dr Victor Hamilton-Attwell, EnviroCare.
Introducing Environmental Management Accounting (EMA) as Benchmarking
. Maryna Mohr-Swart. Tshwane University of Technology.
Before and After: How ISO 14001 can Change the Way the Environment is
Managed in Your Company
. Steve Mitchell, Somchem.

The Law Reform Program of the Department of Environmental Affairs and
Tourism - Where do Explosives Fit in?
Catherine Haffter, Tshwane University
of Technology.

The Recovery of Metal from Residues during Demilitarisation and its Conversion to High-energy Products. Denis Verity & Roger de Villiers, Metlite Alloys.
Site Decontamination and Rehabilitation. Stuart Tough, S de V T Management Services.
Small Arms Disposal under Operational Peace Support Conditions. Lt Col Gert Barnard & WO2 Johan van Vuren, S A Ammunition Corps.
Biogas Technology: A Systems Approach to Resource Recovery. Jonathan
Okonkwo, Tshwane University of Technology.
Manganese Revel and Chemical Fractionation in Roadside Soils and Dust.
SJ Moja, P Forbes and J O Okonkwo, Tshwane University of Technology.



23 October 2003 at Overberg Toetsbaan (OTB).

The Challenge of Training and Skills Transfer in the Explosives Industry.
Willem Pelser, PF Training Consultants.

Dealing with the Loss of "Corporate Memory" in the Explosives Industry.
Hendrik Koornhof, African Explosives Limited.

Training from the Employer’s Viewpoint. Joseph Tau, Somchem.

Managing Driving Forces for Change in a Highly Technological Environment.
Dr Vic Coetzee, Technikon SA.

Interrelated Principles of Quality Function and other Managerial Objectives.
Conrade Pasiya, Conipas International.

Transformation and Explosives Production. Louis Minnaar, Swartklip Products.

Engineering Change Management. Carols Engelsman, Somchem.

Thoughts on Pyrotechnic Process Risk. Bob Campbell, Swartklip Products.

The Principles of Effective Teamwork. Fritz van Rooyen, NIXT.


Introduction. Stuart Tough, S de VT Consultants.

Shadow of Litigation. Bob Campbell, Swartklip Products.

Standards/Issues Often Forgotten by the New Chaps on the Explosives Block. Mervyn Traut, African Explosives Ltd.

Summary: Explosives Production Experience Check. Stuart Tough. S de VT Consultants.



 7 August 2003, Kentron.

Plenary paper: Experiences with Changing Legislation over the Past Decades.
Herman van Dijk, Retired Deputy Chief Inspector of Explosives, SAPS.

Legislation of the Explosives Act. Attorney Kobie Strydom, Inspectorate of Explosives, SAPD.

Responsibilities of Local Government on Major Hazardous Installations --- A Legal Opinion. Geoff Mphaphuli, Department of Labour.

Dangerous Goods: The National Road Traffic Act. Links Mudaly, Department of

A New Philosophy for Regulating the Use of Explosives in the Mining Industry
with the Emphasis on Safety and Health: The Process and Interaction with Other
Explosive Legislators.
Frik du Toit & Kevin Hewitson, State Mining Engineer.

International Agreements and Protocols Related to Explosives. Snr Sptd Stan
Joubert, SAPS SVC.

The Development of a SABS Standard for Electronic Detonator Systems to Align
with Amendments to the Regulations
. Victor Solomon, Victor Solomon and

Pre-licensing Risk Assessment. Gerrit Viljoen. Naschem.

Explosives Regulations, 2002: The licensing process. P J (Kokkie) Kok, Somchem.

Workshop: Discussion of the Various Acts, their Implementation and
Relevant Issues.



8 May 2003, African Explosives Limited, Modderfontein.

Explosives Testing and the Law, Herman van Dijk, Retired Deputy Chief Inspector of

Lessons From Incidents Involving the Testing of Explosives, Andy H Begg,   EXSAR Consulting, Scotland.

Airblast Generated by Decontamination Blasting in Old Nitroglycerine Factories,  Dr Tom Szendrei, Dynamics Physics Consultants.

Aspects Concerning the Packaging of Explosives, Eric Seeger, SABS Test House.

Testing of Permitted Explosives at Kloppersbos, Cornelis van der Hoeve,
SABS Test House.

UN Classification Tests on Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion and Gel Intermediates in South Africa – The Correlation between Drum, Pipe and ANE Gap Test, Mark Delagey, Sasol Nitro and Dr Rosemary Weber, BME.

IM Characterization Tests Executed on New Pressable PBX-formulations, Henco Bezuidenhout, Naschem.

Infrared Spectroscopy in the Workplace, Abrie Myburgh, Somchem.

The Problem of Flyrock and Missiles Generated by Decontamination Blasting,
Dr Tom Szendrei, Dynamics Physics Consultants.

Emulsion Explosives --- Safety and Performance Testing, Linda Mbada & Charl
Vermaak, African Explosives Limited.

 Monitoring of Air Blast and Vibration, Simon Tose, African Explosives Limited.

Performance of Test Series 8 on Ammonium Nitrate Suspensions, Dr Fernando
Beita & Dr José Ramon Quintana, UEE, Spain. (Presented by Mike Zimmerman,
Dantex Explosives.)


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